CGA represents the 72 licensed cardrooms and vendors across state. Cardrooms offer safe entertainment choices as well as quality restaurants and hotel accommodations at several locations.

Cardroom Members

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Members receive:

  • Educational offerings to improve operations
  • Compliance seminars
  • Legislative and regulatory advocacy
  • Educational material
  • Daily media report on relevant articles to the industry
  • Communications services including crisis communications consultations

Associate Members

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Associate Members receive:

  • Direct access to CGA cardroom members and decision-makers
  • Feature products/services in CGA’s newsletter, email updates and website
  • Receive all CGA communications and updates
  • Use of CGA logo (subject to CGA specs) on marketing materials to cardrooms
  • Access to CGA leadership and staff to connect with cardroom members

Interested in joining CGA, contact Sam at 323-834-9987

"Seven Mile Casino has been a great community partner.
We could not do what we do in Chula Vista without Seven Mile Casino."

- Martha, Kiwanis of Chula Vista

"Club One has generated over $20 million in revenues for the city.
Club One has had a great benefit to the local economy."

- Lee Brand, Former Mayor of Fresno

"Hollywood Park has benefited the local economy in several ways.
They are a major asset to this city, and without them a number of nonprofits and schools would not be able to enjoy the quality of benefits that they provide. "

- Ralph Franklin, Former City Council Member of Inglewood

"There's many benefits that the City of Commerce receives because of the Commerce Casino.
Right now we're going through a huge beautification process for our streets and our
bus stops and making our roads safer.
The Commerce Casino raised nearly 50 percent of the revenue, bringing in over $25 million a year.
Just imagine what that can do for a city."

- Ivan Altamirano, Mayor pro Tem of City of Commerce

"Stones has been so generous in offering the facility for various programs in the community."

- Christopher Boyd, Former City Manager of Citrus Heights

"Club One is probably the largest business paying tax entity we have in Fresno.
And on many occasions Club One has donated thousands of dollars to local nonprofits and hosted multiple events just for the benefit of the city."

- Oliver L. Baines III, Former City Council Member of Fresno

"The Bicycle Casino reached out to us and asked if they could do
a Christmas party for our pediatric population.
Without the Bicycle Casino, there's no way we could offer such a joyful Christmas for our kids.
Every year the Bicycle Casino outshines themselves. It's incredible what they bring to these kids."

- Julie Helgren, Children's Hospital of Bell Gardens